Weeding Out The Weeds

Story Title: Weeding Out The Weeds
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 28th September 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Controlling weeds in a home garden is a challenge. Whilst organic or natural treatments can be effective in some situations, Trevor shows you a new product that will provide some serious weed control with the help of a world leading weed control herbicide.

Out With The Weeds

  • Roundup is a complete weed killer that works through a systemic action moving down and up the stem sap killing roots, shoots and leaves
  • Applying as a foliage spray is effective and will kill all of the plants when it comes in contact with them, so ensure it does not come in contact with plants you want to keep
  • Treating larger weeds such as broadleaf weeds in the lawn, around the base of the tree or perennial grasses invading hedges cannot be treated using spray without the risk of your plants absorbing it. Try using the rapid gel applicator, this allows you to use the precise application to the problem
  • Using this is simple, remove the child safety cover, prime the container until the Gel appears and simply touch or wipe over the leaf surface
  • If some gel comes in contact with the soil directly or as a consequence of the plant collapsing it degrades, broken down by microbes becoming inactive avoiding the risk of damaging other plants
  • This is a great way to eliminate weeds in pavers or that are growing between bricks and concrete
  • Round up weed is a perfect way to for dealing with weeds in a direct manner, remembering it's not a replacement for broader applications you will still need your ready to use packs or concentrates to do those jobs properly

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