Energy Efficient Cleaners

Story Title: Energy Efficient Cleaners
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 5th October 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Everyone loves a dip in a fresh clean pool, but its fair to say that cleaning the pool isn't everyone's favourite job, luckily Matt's here to show you some energy efficient cleaners designed to make your life easier.

I'd Rather Be Swimming

  • The idea of having your pool cleaned on a Friday night whilst you relax is no longer the stuff of fairy tales thanks to a new pool cleaning product called the robotic cleaner
  • The robotic cleaner is designed to not only clean the floor of the pool but make its way up the sides in order for all scum to be removed
  • The cleaner is plugged into a power source and then placed into the pool but there is no danger of electrocution
  • The cleaner reduces the load on your filter which means you won't need to backwash the sand filter which will save thousands of litres of water and can potentially reduce your energy cleaning cost to as little as $10 per year