Victoria Park Community Garden

Title: Victoria Park Community Garden
Episode: 5
TX: 30/3/14
Presenter: Trevor

There’s an absolute revolution occurring in the suburbs around Perth indeed around Australia and the world. It is something that brings people together to socialize whilst doing one of the most rewarding things a person can do; growing edible plants and sharing the rewards of the harvest. The Town of Vic Park has an absolute ripper.

  • The mayor of The Town of Victoria Park is Keith Hays and he is incredibly proud of the garden his community members have produced.
  • For member of the community who don’t have big backyards, the garden provides them a space to plant their much-wanted vegies
  • The garden is around 500m2 and takes up space in Read Park a location that wasn’t really used a lot by locals, but was a great sunny spot
  • The garden is full of great, interesting plants, like lime basil, peanuts and Rosella.
  • There are about 50 people involved in the garden who volunteer their time and reap the benefits of the great garden and of sharing gardening ideas with like-minded people.