Decorating Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Story Title: Decorating Outdoor Entertaining Areas
Episode:  7
Presenter: Mel
Broadcast Date: 13/4/14

Mel and them team have been making good progress on her outdoor area; the entertaining deck, feature wall, screens, and fire pit are all complete, and now it’s time to decorate the space. Tune in for some helpful tips you can use in your garden right now.

  • There’s a real trend for aged looking pots, try finding some whose colours reflect those of the garden.
  • Big pots are great-they won’t get lost in large garden, they don’t dry out as quick, and they make a dramatic statement and they provide some great opportunities for planting.
  • Mel has also used a weeping Japanese maple to frame the scene and break up the feature wall.
  • An outdoor setting is always a great addition to any functional garden. Mel’s table looks like stone but it’s actually made of Glass Reinforced Concrete - so it’s strong and sturdy, but lighter than stone, so you can move it around if you need to.
  • Mel has used radial timber screens around her fire pit to give her some privacy, and has added a few decorative posie light boxes to really make area shine.
  • For the smaller garden oasis she has gone for a simple ribbed fountain, table setting and antique terracotta pots filled with Asian style plants.