Outdoor lighting

Title: Outdoor lighting
Episode: 10
Broadcast Date: 4/5/14
Presenter: Trevor

If you feel like to want to maximize your outdoor space by using it throughout the day and well into the night, feature lighting is the way to go. Here are the instructions for creating a great outdoor lighting feature at your place right now.

  • Trevor has chosen to use a Pond Max system, which operates a 12 volt power source, and runs off a transformer which is set off a weather proof outlet-although make sure you keep the transformer in a dry place!
  • From the transformer, run an extension cable either to a light or to a splitter, which means you can run three lights instead of one!
  • There are multiple different lights, so you can run many at once
  • There is also a photocell, which turns the lights on a off depending on the available light in the area. This means that once it gets dark, your lights will come on automatically!
  • There are different lights for different purposes, they are water-proof and can be secured in place with a weighted base or with a spike.
  • There are fittings for walls, which can be handy for up lighting features like living picture frames
  • LED warm lights work well in a garden; they are nice and bright, but are super efficient in their power usage, meaning your bills won’t be driven higher!
  • The LED multicolored light is also great, with up to eight colours to choose from, as well as a range of different changing patterns and speeds. They are great for water features.