Troforte on Citrus and Passion fruit

Episode: 1
Title: Troforte on Citrus and Passion fruit
Broadcast: 23 August
Presenter: Kim

The best part about productive gardens is that size is no barrier. Even in a modest yard there’s still room to plant a couple of favorite’s. If you have fruit and Australian natives in your garden, this is the best way to treat them

  • Troforte Fruit and citrus supplies nutrients in a completely different way to conventional fertilizers. Proudly Australian made and a result of over 15 years research, each, slow release prill contains up to 24 strains of carefully selected beneficial soil microbes and up to 62 minerals that improves the soil with every use. Sprinkle and water to activate the microbes and get them working.
  • Passionfruit really need a light trim in early spring to encourage them to flower. If you find your vine is a little light on fruit, this may well help. Take off only a little, don’t go to hard.
  • Now is also the time to check the graft for suckers. Anything above the graft is good and anything below is rootstock and that’s not good. Your passionfruit needs a well balanced fertilizer that will deliver nitrogen for growth and potassium for the fruit and flowers plus a range of trace elements.
  • Once you’ve finished using Troforte, push the lid on tightly, this fertilizer will store for up to 11 months in a cool, dry place in your shed
  • It may surprise some people that Australian native plants actually need attention. Remember give them a trim after flowering this will keep them compact and better shaped. Of course they need feeding. Grab some All Purpose Troforte and let the microbes work their magic.

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