Baileys Herb Bowl

Episode: 2
Title: Baileys Herb Bowl
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Trevor

Have you ever been cooking away at the BBQ and wondered if your meat, fish or veggies could do with a little extra seasoning? If you have-then a BBQ friendly herb bowl could be just what you need- here is how to create one today!

  • Trevor loves his BBQ meat, so his herbs have been chosen with this in mind, however, you can modify the herb bowl to include all kinds of tasty herbs to match your favorite foods.
  • Whatever herbs you plant will be aided by some great potting mix-here at The Garden Gurus we always use a good quality potting mix like Baileys
  • Simply choose your herbs, plant into the potting mix, give it a good water and you are ready to go!

Contact: Baileys 08 9439 1688