The Wild Flowers of King’s Park

Episode: 3
Title: The Wild Flowers of King’s Park
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Trevor

Whether you are a Perth local, or just in town for a visit, King’s Park’s wildflowers are world famous, and well worth a visit. Here Trevor tells us about some of his favorite varieties.

King’s Park is simply incredible. It is a massive public botanical garden in the heart of the city, home to some of the worlds rarest and most incredibly unique plants.

  • The Black Kangaroo Paw is at the top of Trevor’s list, and there are many of theses plants throughout the park. This also grows wild just 2 hours north of Perth inland from Jurien bay. They are collectable, and whilst rare to find in the wild, they are commonly and found in garden centers.
  • The brilliant blue of the Leschenaultia is another you’ll find in your garden center. If you live in Perth’s hills you may well find it growing wild in your own garden.
  • The Scarlett Honey Myrtle is smothered in red flowers and makes an amazing display. The flowers vary in colour to a brilliant salmon.
  • Cream rice paper flower is an absolute brilliant low growing shrub. It’s great for sunny spots in free draining soils
  • King’s Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its truly stunning and well worth a stroll, a jog or breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of its sensational cafes or restaurants.