A Greenwall of colour

Episode: 8
Title: A Greenwall of colour
Broadcast: 11 October
Presenter: Brooke

Many of us are Living in urban environments these days which is great as there is plenty of work and we are close to schools, hospitals, restaurants and many other attractions that the urban life brings but it also means we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution which can have very negative impacts on our health. One thing, however, that is proven to help with noise and pollution in the urban environment is green spaces.

  • Although we don’t all have a lot of space these days for large backyards and gardens, there is a way that we can still create a beautiful green space within our urban homes and this is by creating a vertical wall.
  • Now many of you will be thinking that a vertical wall is difficult to create and is only for the landscapers, but Brooke has a solution for you that will make vertical wall gardening easy even for the real beginners.
  • The Holman Industries green wall provides a really easy to hang platform in which you can plant all types of plants. What is really great about this is that you don’t even need a big yard to do this. It is also perfect for balconies and small patio areas.
  • Now these green walls may look great but they also have many other benefits. Not only do they act as an air purifier by filtering out pollution, but they also can create a cooler environment, have a proven calming affect on stress and can help with noise reduction.
  • Simply attach the bracket to a wall and mount the hanging wall module onto it and then you can plant your pots. It is up to you what you would like to plant but its best of u choose a 10cm pot as they fit in the Holman vertical wall very well.
  • With Australia’s harsh gardening conditions, getting the water into our pots can be challenging but not with the Holman system. All you have to do is click the hose into one point and it pushes water the whole way through all the modules and out the little drippers.
  • The best part about this is that you can purchase a tap timer which means that you don’t even have to stand there and monitor the hose. Simply set your timer for how long you would like your wall watered and off you go.
  • Not only is vertical gardening easy with the Holman modular system but it brings life to our dull areas in the garden bringing many benefits with it from looking great, purifying our air and most importantly its easy to maintain with the built in irrigation system.

Contact: Holman Industries 08 9204 1011 http://www.holmanindustries.com.au