Companion Planting Strategies

Episode: 9
Title: Companion Planting Strategies
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Trevor

One good thing about gardening is the whole concept of companion planting, some plants work well with each other.

  • Often a veggie or herb garden will plant in blocks of plants together however, when you mix them or plant them in lines, they can work together really well.
  • Any plant with a very deep root system like Rainbow Shard is going to do really well next to a plant like Kale, which has a very shallow root system.
  • The Kale will absorb all the nutrients near the surface whilst the more deeper root plants will take in their nutrients further within the soil.
  • Companion planting doesn’t mean you don’t have to grow in a good quality soil, you should always plant into a compost rich, free draining soil mix.
  • Remember to fertilise using a control release plant food,  the results are so much better and you’ll use less control than veggie patches normally would.