Baileys Grosorb

Episode: 8
Title: Baileys Grosorb
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Darren

  • An environmentally friendly, organic based soil wetter, tailor-made to overcome water repellent, sandy soil conditions common in Western Australia. When applied to gardens and lawns it eliminates run-off and surface pooling and allows the water to soak through the soil. Application: Ideal for use in pots, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns. Apply 40 - 60 grams per square meter, 2 to 3 times throughout the year as needed
  • Improves water use, eliminates run off and waste.
  • Assists root development and fertiliser efficiency by 
channeling water and nutrients directly into the root zone.
  • Smart Approved and Water-wise Approved Product .
  • Independent trialing has proven Grosorb has superior longevity and will improve water retention by at least 30%.
  • Safe and easy to apply – it is non toxic and slowly biodegradable and will not contaminate soil, waterways or living organisms.
  • It’s a well known fact that much of Western Australia is cursed with hideously dry, hard to wet sands, a situation that makes gardening in WA a challenge to say the least.
  • Wetting agents have been the go to products for gardeners dealing with the despair bought on by water repellent  soils for years, but, there’s been found a great deal of variation in the efficacy and longevity of different brands, some seem to make little impact on the problem while the effectiveness of others is short lived.
  • Bailey’s Grosorb is different, locally made with our unique conditions in mind, it has been independently proven to improve water retention in most garden soils by at least 30%, and it keeps on working for longer, channeling water and nutrients directly to the root zone of the plants making them far more readily available and dramatically cutting waste.
  • Grosorb could not be easier to use, simply sprinkle around the gardens and lawns at the appropriate rate, then water in well to activate. Being a Smart Approved and Water-Wise Approved product means gardeners can use it with absolute confidence, knowing it has past all certification requirements with flying colours!
  • Using a top quality wetting agent on the lawns and gardens is a given, but don’t forget about the pots and hanging baskets, because when the potting mix dries out the water you apply can simply run around the outside of the rootball and out the drain hole, the wetting agent will ensure water soaks into the rootball, keeping your valuable potted plants in tip top condition.
  • The environmental credentials of any product applied to your garden are critical! Grosorb is non toxic and biodegradable so it won’t contaminate your soil or local the water ways and it will not adversely affect the health of the essential soil life which is vital to the well being of soil in any garden.
  • The value of a great wetting agent is not just in saving water, healthy soils that don’t dry out between watering allows for superior root system development and greater fertilizer efficiency so your plants will grow with a sustainable, healthy vigor with less fertilizer required.
  • Applying a wetting agent to your garden  2 to 3 times a year can be the difference between it thriving or barely surviving this summer, so look for a locally manufactured brand, designed with West Aussie conditions in mind, one that has all the blitzed all the accreditations requirements that’s safe and easy to use, your garden will love for it!

Contact: Baileys 08 9439 1688