Daphne Princess

Episode: 1
Title: Daphne Princess
Broadcast: 7th March
Presenter: Melissa

Standing out amongst all Daphnes comes the Daphne Perfume Princess, prized for its profusion of large pink (softly fading to white) sweet perfumed flowers.

  •  The Daphne Perfume Princess is an irresistible plant with a reputation for being the earliest and longest flowering of all Daphne’s.

  • The Daphne Perfume Princess has extra large and extremely showy flowers, they open from blush pink flower buds and then softly fade to white.

  • The Perfume Princess can grow to around 1.5 metres tall and 1 metre across. Adding to its unique form, the Perfume Princess flowers along its stem.

  • Daphnes are traditionally shade-loving plants but the Perfume Princess tolerates the sun too. This Daphne can endure over 40 degrees heat with no burning.

  • It’s an easy care plant – a handful of control release fertilizer just after it starts flowering and the plant grows phenomenally. It is perfect for growing in containers and the garden.

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