One simple step to cleaning your ponds and troughs

Episode: 1
Title: One simple step to cleaning your ponds and troughs
Broadcast: 7th March
Presenter: Calinda

If you have a pond or water feature, then really harsh, algae clearing chemicals are just not an option. Sometimes we don’t have the time to filter or regularly clean our ponds, but Splosht offers a more natural, easy solution.

  • Splosht is a special blend of natural bacteria.

  • Splosht is unique in that it acts as a natural flocculent, binding rubbish and sediment together, dropping it to the floor naturally.

  • Splosht eats away at the waste and sludge at the bottom, making it literally disappear.

  • Splosht grows and competes for nitrates and phosphates, starving the algae of its food source, causing it to die off naturally.

  • Mosquitos do not like Splosht in the water as it breaks their breeding cycle in stagnant water.

  • Splosht is not a toxic chemical and is safe for your fish, turtles, crustaceans, wildlife, livestock and pets.

  • Splosht is environmentally friendly, naturally working with your water plants, keeping your water clean.

Contact: Splosht  (08) 7284 5269