Fruit leather

Episode: 4
Title: Fruit leather
Broadcast: 4th April
Presenter: Steve

Growing Fruit in the home garden is a popular trend, though sometimes we find our trees producing fruit faster than we can eat it. Steve demonstrates how a dehydrator can come in handy for preserving your bumper crop.

  • Many of our backyard fruit varieties such as apples, pears, apricots, peaches and figs are all dryable fruits. With most varieties it’s as simple as cutting them in half and placing on the trays. Drying will normally take around 12 to 18 hours.

  • Another great use for a dehydrator is making fruit leather. Select 10 washed ripe figs, 2 apples peeled and cored, and also the juice of an orange. Place all of the ingredients into a saucepan, boil and let them simmer for about 30 minutes. Finally put them into a blender and let them mix.

  • Spread the mixture onto a fruit leather liner, and let the dehydrator do its work. An oven can do a great job as well. Spread your mixture onto a piece of baking paper and place it into the oven, make sure the over is on its lowest setting. It is ready when it peels easily away from the paper; this normally takes about 5 - 6 hours.

  • The great thing about homemade fruit leather is that it contains no artificial colouring or processed sugar and can easily be stored in a sealed container in the freezer.