Top tips to growing vegies organically

Episode: 5
Title: Top tips to growing vegies organically
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Chris

It is a fact that many Aussies love to grow their own food. Chris uses some handy tricks to grow the healthiest and most organic food.

  • Dark, rich organic matter in a garden bed is essential for a healthy plant. Start with a base of compost, then add in some manures and even some clay to help hold everything in the beds for your plants.

  • Space your plants out and don’t forget if you want to beat back those pests, always have a diverse range of plants, especially plants designed to attract beneficial insects and birds that will pick off the pests.

  • Cover your plants with good nutritious mulch, also give them a regular drink with fish and seaweed solution like Seasol.

  • Finally, use a good waterwise irrigation system and soon you will be feasting on delicious organic food from your garden.