Getting ready for a winter stew

Episode: 5
Title: Getting ready for a winter stew
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Steve

Now is the time to plant a range of vegetables that will be ready to harvest just in time for winter. They can go straight from the garden unto the post for a tasty winter stew!

  • Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, strawberries, peas, coriander and spinach are all great examples of what you can plant now to be ready to harvest in winter

  • Now is also the time for planting our favorite root vegetables, and these are best planted by seed. Carrots, turnips and swedes can all be grown and are essential to making a delicious winter stew.

  • Before planting your winter veggies, it’s important to enrich the soil first. A light sprinkle of blood and bone, a product that contains trace elements and sulphate of potash to ensure an even balance of nutrients should be raked gently into the soil.

  • Plant your seeds or seedlings and apply a top dress of pelletised chicken manure.

  • Weekly liquid feeds with fish or seaweed-based fertilisers like Seasol provide our seedlings with everything they need to maintain a strong healthy growth.

  • On the odd occasion that your plants suffer from an insect attack, try using a natural soap spray; this will control insects such as aphids, thrips and mites. It’s not an ovicide, which means it won’t kill the eggs, so repeat weekly to ensure new hatchlings are killed before they mature.

  • Should caterpillars be a problem, use a bacteria based insecticide such as dipel or products containing spinosad.