Rare Plants at Wanneroo

Episode: 6
Title: Rare Plants at Wanneroo
Broadcast: 18th April
Presenter: Calinda

Calinda returns to the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens, meeting up with Andy Donn, Head Gardner of Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. Andy explains some of the rare and exciting plants featured in the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens, and how some of them can be grown in the home garden.

  • The African tulip tree is an amazing, fast-growing evergreen tree. It is a native to Africa that reproduces via seeds and suckers; it also has a flowering cycle during most times of the year.

  • Hibiscus Schizopetalus, also known as Japanese lantern, is a native to tropical areas in eastern Africa, and was discovered in Madagascar. It resembles a hanging lantern, it thrives best in tropical conditions, but can survive periods of cold and drought, and it can also tolerate coastal salt conditions.

  • The rarest plant in the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is the Bird’s-nest fern. They grow in a tight, nest-like clump, normally growing in trees. They can also be seen growing on rocks and they will grow on the ground, too.

Contact: Wanneroo Botanic Gardens – (08) 9405 1475