Recycling your Garden

Episode: 7
Title: Recycling your Garden
Broadcast: 25th April
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor answers your questions and shares his tips on developing your garden without spending too much money on products.

  •  If you buy a packet of seeds, it’s very likely that they’ve come from another country, this means they have been grown in a different environment and need to adapt to your unique garden environment.

  • As your plants grow, they start adapting, recording the climactic conditions, soil type, minerals and moisture levels. This is all implanted in the DNA of the seed they produce.

  • Harvesting seed from your crops is a very smart thing to do, when you plant a punnet of ten seedlings, let two go to seed (Don’t harvest them). Those seeds can be collected, dried and used next year. This saves you the expense of purchasing new packets or punnets.

  • Purchasing pineapples with their heads on is also advised. Choose a bright, sunny position and after you’ve cut the head off, plant your pineapple head in a half filled 200mm pot with soil and push it gently into the soil. Keep in a moist, full-sun position and about 12 to 18 months later, you will get a new plant.

  • Garlic grown in vegie patches can keep many bugs away. For rose gardens, it can help reduce aphid infestations.

  • Garlic is simple to grow; all you need is the little bulblets, from the garlic clove, to be kept to one side in a dry, dark spot.