Propagating plants at home

Episode: 8
Title: Propagating plants at home
Broadcast: 2nd May
Presenter: Steve Wood

Steve shares his knowledge on how easy it is to propagate plants.

  • Taking cuttings of most plants is ideal. Many cottage perennials and ground covers will start producing a root system in 7-10 days and will be ready for planting out in less than 4 weeks.

  • Without any roots, cuttings only have a tiny stem area to draw up moisture; you will need to keep the leaf area to a bare minimum. It’s from these nodes that a new root system will be produced. Top leaves should be cut in half, a cutting four to five centimetres long is ideal.

  • Dip the cuttings into a hormone gel or powder. These contain the same indol butyric acids that hormone plants produce naturally to heal wounds.

  • For larger hard woodcuttings, a community pot works fine. These will take anywhere up to three to four months to strike and seem to prefer being grouped together that kept separate.

  • It’s important to place your cuttings in a shaded position and keep them moist.