Kim’s Top 5 Roses

Episode: 9
Title: Kim’s Top 5 Roses
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Kim has been growing roses commercially for 25 years and shows his top five roses for the Aussie garden.

  • The Fathers love rose has got a good depth of colour, it’s quartet and it smells better than dad.
  • Mothers love is a beautiful pink rose with a huge fragrance that reminds us all of that special person in our lives.
  • The Iceberg rose is easily recognised because it is grown everywhere. It’s ever blooming, super hardy and very easy to grow.
  • The Best Friend Rose is a rose for people who love their rich pink and perfume. Its stem has no thorns and makes the perfect cut flower.
  • Traditionally, humid areas have always been tough places to grow roses, until the ever blooming and super tough Knockout Rose was introduced to the Aussie garden.