Kings Park Wildflowers

Episode: 3
Title: Kings Park Wildflowers
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Four kilometers in the heart of Perth is Kings Park, one of the many wonders that make our beautiful city so unique.

  • It was first discovered by western explorers who noted it in 1697 and its home to the finest collection of West Australian endemic plant species on the planet, it was founded in 1895 and initially called Mt Eliza, but for thousands of years the Aboriginal people called it Mooro Katta.
  • September is a particularly special time to visit this place; its wildflower and the botanical collection of plants is like nowhere else on Earth. It is believed that there are 324 species of local native plant species growing there, almost 15% of the total amount of plants found on the Perth sand plain.
  • The Roe garden is located at the far end of the botanic garden and some people never seem to discover it. Containing peak season draw cards such as copper-cups, red morrison, sand bottlebrush, smokebush, yellow kangaroo paw and black kangaroo paw, seeing these in full flower during late September is truly a remedy for the eyes.

Kings Park & Botanic Garden website: