Ekodeck Performance

Episode: 3
Title: Ekodeck Performance
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Melissa King

If you didn’t want to be spending my spare time oiling or painting a deck to keep it looking good, Melissa recommends Ekodeck as it is sustainable and low maintenance.

  • It’s made from a combination of reclaimed timber, bamboo and recycled plastic. It’s designed to look and feel like timber, so you would never know the difference.
  • The deck being low maintenance is an understatement as the deck looks as good today as the day we built it with no fading or discolouration with hardly any maintenance except just sweeping up the leaves. It’s UV stabilized so it maintains its great look and colour without the regular upkeep of oiling or painting it.
  • In the sun, ordinary timber can splinter and twist after a few years without treatment. With Ekodeck there’s no splintering or distorting and it’s unique composition means that its termite, rot and mould resistant.
  • My kids get out and run around here so it’s nice to know that it also comes With a certified anti-slip rating, parents do not need to worry about their kids getting out and running around especially on a rainy day.
  • It is easy to install as you just install it the same way as you would a hardwood deck, with no special tools required.  Simply pre-drill and screw.
  • There are five different shades to choose from including the new Greystone and Highland Oak plus Silver Ash, Red Rock or Dark Brown like ours. You can even find the same colours in Ekodeck Screening to match your deck.
  •  If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your deck than maintaining it, then using Ekodeck really is the perfect way to create a fabulous outdoor living area that looks good from season to season.

Ekodeck: Contact - 03 9639 7774
Website - http://www.ekologix.com.au/ekodeck/decking/