Troforte Vegetable and Herb

Episode: 5
Title: Troforte Vegetable and Herb
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

To grow beautiful herbs, veggies and fruit that are full of tasty goodness and nutrition you will need optimum conditions, sunlight, water and it is very important to also enrich your soil with good compost and enhanced with Troforte M Vegetable & Herb.

  • Troforte M not only helps produce great herbs & veggies, it also improves your soil with up to 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes and fungi. The controlled release fertilizer is used to feed the microbes which in the case of vegetables, the plant is busy producing large volumes of flowers and fruit so an extra application just prior to flowering or fruiting will ensure your plants will receive sufficient nutrient to match the volume of fruit being produced, break down the minerals and attach them to the plant roots which means they flower, fruit and grow better.
  • Earthworm activity is vastly improved and all their tunneling creates a subterranean network of oxygen filled air spaces which improve aeration and drainage.
  • This incredible process creates the perfect soil environment for strong root growth leading to better drought resistance and a lesser need for watering.
  • The controlled release fertilizer is released slowly which means you don’t get a big dump in one hit and excess fertilizer leaching into the water table. A single application of Troforte M lasts for 5-6 months.

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