Energy Turf & Lawn Reviver

Episode: 6
Title: Energy Turf & Lawn Reviver
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Steve Wood

Growing a lush healthy lawn in WA is not as hard as one might think. We really do have a wonderful climate and although our soils might be a bit average, with the addition of quality compost and using the right turf fertilizer, you can have a lawn that you will be proud of in no time.

  • Energy turf combines a slow release base of organic blood and bone with essential plant nutrients, trace elements, zeolite and humates. It not only feeds your lawn, but also builds and contributes to a healthy soil structure.
  • Energy turf is a product made in WA by Baileys, specifically developed for WA soils in mind.
  • Lawn Reviver is an organic top-dress that will improve your lawn’s visual appearance within days. Ideal for application spring and coming out of winter dormancy.
  • Lawn Reviver uses organic material, which works through the lawn profile to stimulate microbial action and promote healthy growth, improving disease resistance.
  • Chicken manure is composted into the organic material to provide a basic nutrient source and fuel microbial activity.
  • Lawn Reviver contains the wetting agent, Grosorb, to ensure water penetration and re-wettability. It is a mature product made to Australian Standards mark 4454, it is fully composted and is Waterwise approved.

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