Bore Water Use and Bore Maintenance

Episode: 6
Title: Bore Water Use and Bore Maintenance
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

A vast reservoir of stored water which has sustained and propelled Perth’s exponential growth over the last 150 years are known in the trade as aquifers delivering what most of us know as our bore water.

  • One of the few benefits of our vast and deep sandy soils is that it quickly lets the rainfall through and deep into this underground store, most of which is drawn for the average garden bore from 50-100m depth. But with little rainfall over the last 30 years and dwindling stream flows suggests not only our dams but even our aquifers are really struggling, making bore water scarce and a precious resource.
  • A bore can be a great way to water your garden without needing to use our increasingly scarce and precious mains or scheme water supplies. But, a bore does not offer you the chance to water at will as it is still necessary to follow the law, sprinkler rosters and times apply to scheme as well as to bore water users. This means this mighty bore gives me one extra watering day per week.
  • A giant bore pump delivers water to keep local parks and reserves green. You may have even seen sprinklers on for a period during the day or even when it is raining and before you pick up the phone to dob in a water waster, check to see what is going on. Typically your council is very aware of how precious this bore water is and are making great strides to work with the Water Corporation – as a waterwise Council- to reduce their bore water use. Most of the time your council is probably doing irrigation testing, to make the sure the system is operating as efficiently as possible and that the bore pump itself has not seized up over the winter break.
  • This is a great thing for you to do to maintain your own garden bore and to make sure it is working efficiently but it is important to only run maintenance testing on your allocated watering days, to a maximum of 2 minutes per station.
  • Bore water has been a huge boon for Perth but we all need to remember that it is not an infinite resource: it is precious and that it must be used carefully so that future gardeners can enjoy the same opportunities to use from one of the world truly amazing water supplies.

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