Ekologix Screening

Episode: 6
Title: Ekologix Screening
Broadcast: 10th October 2015
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Having an outdoor space is right on trend and a must this season, they are a great place for entertaining or relaxing with the family. Using alternative material to hard wood has become very popular because it doesn’t have to be oiled or maintained.

  • Available from Bunning’s, Ekodeck is a slat screen system that allows you to maintain a clean and neat finish on both facings – making it perfect for fencing or screening when both sides will be visible.
  • Ekodeck is made of 45% reclaimed timber and bamboo, and 48% HDPE. It is UV stabilised, so it maintains its colour and never needs oiling or painting. It’s also termite, rot and mold resistant.
  • You can attach the Screen Up system to either timber or steel posts. It’s a good idea to check that each post is bolted into concrete foundations, also ensure that each post is level and make any adjustments as you go.
  • When considering how to position your Screen Up system, keep in mind that the maximum span between for the support post is 900m.
  • Cut the Ekodeck screening boards to size, if you cut the boards 10mm shorter than the overall length you need, this will leave some space in the channel for expansion.
  • Using the channel installation system, you will be able to make a nice clean, screw free finish. Horizontal screens can also be predrilled and screwed directly onto support posts.

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