Episode: 7
Title: Aquatec
Broadcast: 17th October 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Not everyone has the luxury of having a stream running through their property, but that does not mean you can’t have the magic of a water feature at your place.

  • You can build a pond out of concrete, rigid fibreglass or a polycarbonate shell, or pond liner.
  • When choosing an area for your pond, make sure it is in a location where it will receive between 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, this keeps the algae at bay.
  • Avoid placing your pond under trees, as leaves and debris will pollute the water and tree roots may damage or move the pond.
  • After deciding the location, lay out the shape of the pond on the ground with a piece of rope or garden hose. Excavate the depths of the shelves, which should be approximately 20cm wide and 25cm below the water level – sloping inwards, and then dig out the pond.
  • Remove any sharp stones and ensure the top of the pond is even and level. Prepare the pond area with clean sand or underlay. Drape the liner loosely over the top and lightly anchor in position with bricks or rocks evenly distributed around the liners edge.
  • Place the rocks/stones around the edge on top of the liner to hold in place. With your pond starting to take shape, add a few river pebbles and clever planting to help create a natural look.
  • Water movement is essential to providing oxygen; otherwise you’ll end up with a stagnant mosquito farm. Place a fountain in the middle of the pond on a brick to keep it above any sediment and ensure you connect the pre-filter to the pump and clean it regularly for good, strong, efficient pumping, any cabling should be hidden away behind the rocks and stones.
  • Finally, add fish to your pond for that extra natural and tranquil setting that your pond will provide.

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