Verge Garden Restoration Part 1

Title: Verge Garden Restoration Part 1
Episode:  1
TX Date: 19/03/2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Verges are blocks of land alongside existing properties. Although the council owns them, their maintenance is more often than not left up to homeowners. When homeowner Sue has her verge garden uprooted by her local council as it did not follow council guidelines, Trevor steps in to help her create a verge that does not only follow guidelines, but is also water wise and sustainable.

  • Plants in verge gardens cannot exceed 75cm in height, cannot protrude onto roadways/pathways and cannot be prickly or dangerous.
  • No structures can be built on verges.
  • Vegetation is cleared 1 meter in from the road and 1 meter in from the pathway as according to council guidelines.
  • Richgro wetting agent is used to return moisture to the dry soil.
  • Troforte M is applied across the sand to bring the soil to life, improving worm activity and reducing the water repellent nature of the soil.
  • Waterwise compliant Scabiolas are planted with planting tablets.
  • Soil is mulched using Richgro pine bark, applied to a depth of 100mm.


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