Gardens by the Bay Competition Winner

Title: Gardens by the Bay Competition Winner
Episode:  1
TX Date: 19/03/2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We’ve had plenty of great competitions on The Garden Gurus over the years and last season we ran one for a trip for two to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay botanical garden. Along with Singapore’s World Heritage Listed Botanical Garden, Gardens by the Bay is considered one of the finest gardens in the world and proves to be a terrific reason to visit the city in the garden.

  • There are two conservatories at Gardens by the Bay, which are cooled to 28 degrees through a fascinating process.
  • There are large bores dug deep into the Earth’s crust, which generate heat as they pump water up. This heat, in the form of steam, runs generators, which drive the cooling systems that control the temperature in the conservatories.
  • The plants in this garden couldn’t survive in normal Singapore conditions, so the way the conservatories have been designed is an amazing feat.
  • Thanks to Sunpalm, a company who aims to change the way people feed their soil and plants, we congratulate the winner of the trip, Jan Powers. Sunpalm supports the development of Troforte M – a beneficial microbe controlled-release fertiliser that Jan’s been using for many years now.
  • She shows us her very special tree, the West Australian Christmas Tree, which she bought as a little tub and grew from a little tube. It’s now been in the ground for 20 or so years.
  • Jan loves her gardening and her garden. All of the trees in her garden are original and she’s even had the garden landscaped a few years ago.

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