Heritage Apples

Episode: 4
Title: Heritage Apples
Broadcast: 9 April 2016
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa King takes us on a stroll through Petty’s Orchard in Melbourne’s northeast. She takes us on a journey to the past when there was a favoured apple for every purpose. There were the best varieties for baking and pie making, the tastiest ones for eating straight from the tree, juicing or making into cider.

  • Petty’s is home to the Heritage Fruit Societies apple collection and every variety here has a lovely history, a unique flavour or aroma and a wonderful tale to tell.
  • Like ‘Rome Beauty’, which originated in the USA and dates back to 1848. It’s a wonderful cooking variety and great for drying.
  • You’ll also love ‘Beauty of Bath’, a gorgeous old apple variety from southwest England – which again dates back to the 19th century. It’s one of the earliest apples to ripen, with creamy white flesh and a sharp sweet flavour.
  • If you’re after something truly unusual try hunting down varieties like ‘Cornish Aromatic’, which has wonderfully fragrant flesh and a slightly spicy flavour.
  • Or ‘Mutsu’ which originated in Japan in the 1930’s and sold for such high prices that it became know as the million-dollar apple.
  • Then there’s ‘London Pippin’, the good old Aussie Farmers Apple that originated in the UK in 1831 and is still one of the best cooking apples around.
  • For cider fans, you can’t beat the good old ‘Foxwhelp’ apple.
  • Australia at the beginning of the 20th century there were more than 1000 varieties of apple to choose from. Sadly many of these varieties have been lost. But the hunt is on! And places like this help to keep our history alive.

Contact: Petty’s Orchard
P: (03) 9846 5504
W: www.heritagefruitssociety.org.au