Bragging Time

Episode: 4
Title: Bragging Time
Broadcast: 9 April 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Autumn is the time of year when everything in the garden looks amazing. The harvest starts flowing through and you enjoy the spoils of your early summer work. In this segment Trevor shows us the results of his hard work.

  • The Babaco is just starting to come into production and for the next 4 months will produce a 1kg zeppelin of fruit a week.
  • The Babaco is a type of Paw Paw that doesn’t produce seed so it has to be grown from cutting. To grow a new one wait till the warm weather arrives, cut the top off and pop it into a pot of potting mix. After four weeks you will have a new plant.
  • For mango trees, the key to success is a warm protected position in full sun; a thick layer of composted mulch and a regular feeds will do the trick.
  • Dynamic Lifter is used to feed the plants, as it is a certified organic product that adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Regular application of Seasol for a few weeks can help recover a tree that has been stressed by the heat.
  • Horseradish can be grown anywhere. In a shady spot, in full sun, in poor soil or in good soil.
  • To grow bananas plant the sucker into a reasonably free draining soil and feed it with a complex nutrient source such as Troforte M.