Selecting the right water plant for your pond

Episode: 5
Title: Selecting the right water plant for your pond
16th April
Calinda Anderson

Calinda demonstrates how selecting the right water plant and correctly positioning a plant will suit your pond.

  • As a general rule, nearly all water plants will be happy in a full sun or part shade position.
  • Aquatic plants that have tall, grass-like foliage like Blue Rush, Juncus and Papyrus will be well suited to hot, full son positions, all preferring shallow water.
  • Water plants that have a soft matting or creeping foliage like Moneywort, Brahmi, Lewisia and Milfoil will grow fully submerged and can handle shady positions.
  • Flowering aquatics like Iris, Falia and Hibiscus will need some direct sun for good flowering.
  • Broad leaf aquatics like Canna and Taro will appreciate shade during the summer months.
  • Despite these being general rules of positioning they can often be broken without any negative effect to the plants at all. Aquatic plants are very resilient and can grow in a whole variety of different situations, as long as they have water, sun and a little bit of nutrients, most plants should thrive.