Update your pond in Autumn

Episode: 6
Title: Update your pond in Autumn
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Calinda shows a few handy things to do for your pond and aquaponics systems to keep them productive this autumn.

  • Hardy water lilies are going dormant this autumn in preparation for winter, so it’s best to leave them alone, when it is spring, it’ll be time to divide, re-pot and fertilise.
  • If you have tropical water plants, they will appreciate a good fertilising now, they will keep flowering right up until winter.
  • If you’ve been breeding Barramundi outdoors over summer and you’re in a climate where it begins to drop below 22 degrees, you’ll need to think about either heating the water or moving the tank to a warmer spot like a greenhouse.
  • Fresh water mussels are native to Australia, they are great natural filters and add a whole new dimension to the life you can grown in your pond, they don’t do much other than lay at the bottom, eating and filtering fine sludge-like particles.
  • For aquaponics, autumn is the time to remove any spent summer growing vegetables and plant out with the new season crop. If you’re breeding trout this winter, make sure to check on any cleaning or maintenance your system may need for the healthiest fish and freshest vegetable results.