Troforte Slow Release Planting Tablets

Episode: 6
Title: Troforte Slow Release Planting Tablets
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Have you ever wondered how gardeners get amazing results from their tree planting efforts? Trevor shows you how.

  • Trees, shrubs, all new plants added to the garden need nutrients, by throwing in a Troforte Slow Release Plant food Tablet, it encourages trees to set down deep roots allowing for growth longevity.
  • These tablets have a complex nutrient base, while most nutrient based fertilisers contain limited nutrient supply, Troforte Slow Release Plant Food Tablet is diverse and is guaranteed to produce healthier results out of your plants.
  • The tablets are slow release fertilisers, meaning that the plants will be provided nutrients when they need it.
  • The tablets contain 24 beneficial soil microbes, bacteria and fungi that connect the roots with the nutrients. Effectively, the tablets do not feed the plant; they feed the soil with healthy microorganisms that are native to our soils.

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