Kings Park Breeding Program - Grevilleas

Episode: 6
Title: Kings Park Breeding Program - Grevilleas
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Botanical gardens are a great place to come and appreciate native plants, Nigel pays a visit to Kings Park to check out Western Australia’s natural species.

  • Kings Park is currently undergoing a plant-breeding program which breeds new varieties of plants that reflect the nature of Western Australian flora.
  • There are a large variety of different programs breeding Kangaroo Paws, Red Flowering Gums, Geraldton Wax and working on plant species that require less water, and also provide habitat and food for local fauna.
  • For Anzac day, the RSL Spirit of Anzac Grevillea is planted around the state war memorial in commemoration of the Anzacs.
  • The features that capture the commemorative spirit are this Grevillea’s red flowers that bloom just in time for Anzac Day.
  • With the right advice, all of the native flora grown in Kings Park can be grown in your own backyard, with key tips like watering to a minimum and regular pruning, you will have your own native addition to your home.