Who Are Garden Express?

Episode: 1
Title: Who Are Garden Express?
Broadcast: August 13th 2016
Presenter: Melissa King

We shop for everything on the Internet, so why not plants? The idea you can landscape your whole garden with the click of a button is very appealing and Garden Express show us how.

  • You can access a whole variety of plants in one place and since it’s so easy to do, it gives you more time to spend in the garden. Garden Express delivers everything from roses and shrubs to 6-foot trees to everywhere around Australia.
  • It’s really fascinating to see how the plants are packed and posted. It’s all about making sure the plant arrives safe and in top condition on your doorstep, ready to go straight into your garden.
  • The Van Berkel Family have been growing plants on their property for over 70-years and have been mail-ordering for over 50, so you know the plants are in good hands.
  • It’s not just bulbs or seeds you can order in the post. Deciduous trees and roses are planted in the winter when they’re dormant and other plants like Evergreens are available all year round.
  • Unsurprisingly, shopping for plants on the Internet can be really addictive. Garden Express product 5 catalogues per year and they are filled with lots of tempting plants!
  • To celebrate the spring catalogue coming out, enjoy a Garden Express, Garden Gurus special offer. Go to the Garden Express website, save 40% and get your hands on a collection of 5 beautiful Astromelias in a range of colours for just $29.00.

Garden Express
P: 1300 606 242
W: www.gardenexpress.com.au