Preparing for Spring

Episode: 1
Title: Preparing for Spring
Broadcast: August 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Spring is the season plants start to grow and when they do, they start to use energy, which are nutrients. In the typical suburban garden, nutrients need to be added into the soil to get the best results. Trevor gives us tips on preparing your garden for the springtime.

  • Native plants benefit from feeding but most don’t need to be fed in the springtime. It’s autumn when you’re going to get the best results because they will grow right through the winter months.
  • Exotic plants benefit enormously from feeding in spring but if you want to get the best results make sure you cultivate the soil first. This allows air into the soil, which benefits microbial action.
  • If the soil moisture is consistent your plant growth will be at its very best. If you want a beautiful, productive garden then get the shovel out and turn the soil over now, add some 100% Blood and Bone and watch your plants and seeds strive.
  • If you don’t make sure you have a thick covering of mulch over your garden beds, your weed growth can be enormous. Trevor’s choice is a green waste from the tree pruners. It’s the most cost effective and smothers weeds, protects your plants and it looks good too.