Front Garden Makeover

Episode: 5
Title: Front Garden Makeover
Broadcast: September 10th
Presenter: Melissa King

We all have spots in the garden that we’re just not happy with and now’s the perfect time to revamp those areas and give your garden a fresh new look. Mel gives her garden a spring makeover and takes us through the steps she goes through to do so.

  • Even Melissa is guilty of cramming too many plants into one area and ending up with a cluttered selection of plants. What she’s done now is she has cleaned out the whole front garden and just left the framework of trees.
  • She has a Circus Forest Pansy with a beautiful heart shaped leaf and lovely early spring blossoms, a 10-year old Weeping Japanese Maple and a Crepe Myrtle, which has beautiful bark as it gets older and lovely summer flowers. The whole garden bed is lined with a Tulbaghia Milky Way, which flowers through most of the year.
  • Instead of lots of different plants, Mel wants to simplify the under planting with blocks of a few plants for extra impact. She chooses Lora Plantarum Plum Gorgeous, which looks good all the time. Lovely plum coloured growth, raspberry flowers in spring and autumn and has a beautiful weeping layering habit. They’re oriental looking and fabulous when planted on mass.
  • Because Mel doesn’t want it to get too dark in her garden, she’s chosen a plant that has beautiful silvery-white foliage to lighten the area up. The Lamium Snow ‘n’ Frost has beautiful decorative foliage and bursts into bloom from about late spring through to autumn with spikes of little white flowers.
  • The finishing touch? Hellebores. They’re such a cheery plant, brighten up a winter garden and many flower well into spring. Mel has chosen a stunning white flowering variety for contrast called Hellebore Molly’s White.