Reduce Water Loss with your Soil

Episode: 1
Title: Reduce Water Loss with your Soil
Broadcast: Nov 12th 2016
Presenter: Faye Arcaro

It’s now time to plant out our gardens bearing in mind that we have a hot, long, dry summer ahead of us. We must have a good rich soil in order for us to have a great looking healthy garden. Faye shows us a soil improver like no other.

  • Perth has just had its coldest winter on record but that doesn’t mean we can forget about our water use. We’re below annual rainfall averages this year!
  • Organic matter is a key ingredient in great soil structure. It’s important to feed those soil organisms, which is why Baileys have developed Soil Improver Plus.
  • This quality conditioner improves the structure of the soil, making it more able to hold moisture and nutrients and making it more available to the plant roots.
  • Fully composted to Australian standards to ensure it’s stable, wont draw nutrients away from the plant as it breaks down and no weed seeds come with the product.

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