Waterwise Landscapers

Episode: 5
Title: Waterwise Landscapers
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 4th 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Waterwise garden irrigators and landscapers are a passionate breed. They live and breathe waterwise philosophy.  Chrissy catches up with Aaron Nitschke of DBM Landscapes, to see one of his award winning gardens and gain a little inspiration.

  • By using some smart technologies, this garden has been developed to use 80% less water than before, a huge saving.
  • With the design, the amount of turf has been cut down, the soil has been improved and smart irrigation techniques have been used to meet the new water targets.
  • The shade trees are like sunscreen for the garden. They help prevent evaporation.
  • The plants have been grouped in terms of native and cottage, as well as the productive area with the vegetables. All of these are serviced by their own irrigation  zones, allowing control to deliver the amount of water needed.
  • Mulch is frequently topped up and seasonally soil wetter is applied.
  • Grey water from the laundry and showers is pumped directly into the garden, essentially making it free water. The soaps and detergents in the water are natural soil wetters.
  • The Waterwise irrigation system uses home Wi-Fi to look at what weather is coming, and adjusts the programme to suit. They are in the average homeowners budget.
  • If you’re thinking you’d like some help to design a waterwise garden, log onto the Water Corporation website and search for waterwise garden specialists.

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