Domus Nursery

Episode: 5
Title: Domus Nursery
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 4th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing the plants that you’ll find at your local gardening centre? On the outskirts of Perth city you’ll find nurseries that are nurturing seedlings and cuttings in all kinds of weather. Today Trevor visits one.

  • Most nurseries are family businesses often with several generations working within them. This level of investment is unlike most other businesses, yet if you visit your local garden centre you probably didn’t realise how much went in to greening WA.
  • East of Perth you will find the 40-year old Domus Nursery. This nursery all started with Dad, Brian, who still works at the nursery today, but son Colin is now steering the ship of the 10-acre property.
  • Trevor speaks to Colin about where the plants come from and how the nursery deal with ensuring the plant quality, varieties and the processes are the best they can be.
  • See some types of plants grown a Domus and how these can be planted into modern gardens of today.

Domus Nursery