Baileys Premium Potting Mix

Episode: 5
Title: Baileys Premium Potting Mix
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 4th 2016
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Well-grown, healthy potted plants are an absolute asset for any garden. Darren shows us the simple rules to ensure your potted plants grow as well as possible with minimum fuss, while using the least water as possible.

  • Select a plant that is naturally suited to the area it will be growing in. Take into consideration the amount of sun, wind and heat it will be exposed to.
  • Choose a pot that will allow the plant to develop a sufficient root system to support it.
  • Baileys Premium potting mix has an excellent structure that allows air space to generate water-holding capacity. This is achieved through the inclusion of finely sieved aged pine bark and zeolite.
  • The inclusion of two professional standard controlled release fertilizers within the mix will prevent nutrient deficiency. There is a 3-4 month as well as an 8-9 month with all vital trace elements included to keep your plants well fed.
  • Baileys mix includes Grosorb, a high quality wetting agent that ensures excellent and even water penetration and fantastic rewetting properties.
  • A great way to save water is to use a self-watering pot and select low water use plants.
  • An annual top-up and refresh of potting mix will keep your plants in great shape.
  • To ensure you choose the highest quality potting mix, look for the Australian Standard logo on the bag.

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