Water Efficiency at a Local Government Level

Episode: 7
Title: Water Efficiency at a Local Government Level
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 18th 3:30pm
Presenter: Chrissy Morissey

There are a number of local governments that are continuing to raise the bar when it comes to water saving initiatives and today Chrissy introduces us to one that’s busily saving water one verge and one park at a time.

  • Chrissy speaks with the City of Vincent Mayor, John Carey, about the council making being waterwise a top priority. The council has developed a hugely successful Adopt a Verge program, which encourages local residents to establish low water use plants in their verges.
  • These verges do a lot more than just save water. They green and cool the street, as well as create biodiversity corridors in an area and best of all they bring communities together as residents come together to green their streets.
  • The City of Vincent actually dig up the verge, mulch it, and provide vouchers for native plants to home owners, and then ask the resident to look after their verge.
  • These projects are incredibly popular, with the council having now transformed 250 properties and they now have a waiting list.
  • The fringes of local parks in the City of Vincent are also being transformed, with areas being  replaced with natives and mulch in a practice known as eco-zoning.
  • Chrissy also speaks with Jeremy Van Den Bok, the Manager of Parks and Gardens in City of Vincent, about how the practice works in these parks and reserves and how much water the council plan on saving.
  • It’s great to see local councils leading the way - ask your council what they’re doing to save water for the future, and if you would like some waterwise ideas for your own verge, log onto to the Water Corporation’s website..

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