Waterwise Living

Episode: 8
Title: Waterwise Living
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 1 2016
Presenter: Faye Arcaro

There are some very innovative people around and Faye can't wait to show us around a very waterwise backyard, not only saving water and power but also helping our environment.

  • Faye and homeowner Lee discuss Lee's lifelong quest for saving water. He speaks of his aquaponics system, which he considers the perfect situation. You save water, chemicals, grow fish and veggies all without bending or digging.
  • Lee does a lot of hand watering in his garden using the water from his aquaponics system, which gives his plants lots of nutrients.
  • Three gardeners of the feathered kind with five separate pens - these chickens do a wonderful job of digging up and fertilising the garden. When the veggies are finished the chickens will then be moved to a different patch.
  • The chickens also have their own blue drum, which comes off the roof and puts rainwater into their bowls.
  • Lee also has a new creation. His own beehive! Not only does it pollinate his own crops but also the neighboring gardens. The honey is just a bonus!
  • Look at Lee's own filtered water tank, which he uses for his household drinking, cooking, even brewing his own ginger beer! This waterwise garden really is an inspiration.

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