Waterwise Verge Makeover PT 1

Episode: 9
Title: Waterwise Verge Makeover PT 1
Broadcast: Sunday January 8th 2017
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Today The Garden Gurus are on a mission to transform Perth’s verges one garden at a time. This week Darren and the team are here to clear out the drying lawn on our winner’s verge, and plant up a beautiful wild flower garden while adding water wise soil, clay and compost to prep the verge garden.

  • Grassed verges can use up to 20,000 liters of water to sustain them during the summer months. Water wise plants are a great alternative to lawn- and they look great too.
  • This week’s winner of a verge makeover will be receiving an Australian wild flower garden; the plant selection will keep watering minimal while surviving the hot summer months.
  • Darren uses the Kanga to clear out the verge. The goal is to remove the turf and reduce the soil level by at least 100mm to transform the sand to soil by applying soil improver products; the space will then be planted out.
  • The team use Seasol Soil Wetter to get water penetrating evenly through the soil and get it biologically active again. This is a highly effective wetting agent, which ensures water drains evenly through the soil and flows down deeply, encouraging roots to follow it.
  • Sand is a handy ingredient in creating great soils but on its own it’s a problem as it allows water and nutrients to run off the soil. To develop the soil and give this garden the best chance- Darren adds Soil Solver to improve and build the sandy soils. The compost and clay application builds the perfect loam.

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