Waterwise Edible Gardens

Episode: 10
Title: Waterwise Edible Gardens
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 15 2017
Presenter: Steve Wood

The desire to grow edible plants just keeps growing in popularity, but what makes even more sense is growing food plants that have adapted thrive on minimal water. This makes them perfect for the WA climate. Today, Steve shows us some.

  • Tass1 nursery specialises in edible plants and Joe Tassone is a passionate grower with a wealth of knowledge of what performs best here in WA. Steve speaks to Joe about the extraordinary range of waterwise plants available at Tass1Trees.
  • The olive tree, delicious and waterwise. There are many different types of olive trees for the table, for oil and a few that cross over in between.
  • The pomegranate tree is a great Mediterranean tree that is really making a comeback. Beautiful fruit and lots of varieties. Once you get it in and established, the roots will be hardy and be able to handle WA climate.
  • For a lovely shade tree that’s drought hardy and a food producer, it’s hard to go past the beautiful and evergreen macadamia. You don’t have to climb the tree to pick the nuts, they fall to the ground. One tree is enough to produce fruit and you can trim up to shape, for shade or screen.
  • The fig is another fantastic Mediterranean performer in Perth, there are many varieties and also waterwise, you can prune them to keep them to a small-medium sized tree.

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