Scotts Potting Mixes

Episode: 1
Title: Scotts Potting Mixes
Broadcast: Mar 18th
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs and Trevor Cochrane

Today Trevor works with the Queen of up-scaling, Bonnie-Marie Hibbs, to create a beautiful potted gems, using a premium quality potting mix.

  • Osmocote Professional potting mixes are made from premium quality, renewable and sustainable resources and include a wetting agent to promote even moisture penetration.
  • They will maintain peak condition without compaction ('slumping') for up to two years, providing good structure and aeration for strong root growth.
  • Scotts potting mix contains Slow Release Fertiliser and growth stimulants, which feed continuously for 6 months.
  • Coir and water crystals assist the mix holding up to 100% more moisture than other mixes.
  • Available in a range of specialty and general purpose mixes.

P: (02) 8602 9000