Troforte Series

Episode: 5
Title: Troforte Series
Broadcast: Apr 15
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

We all know the expression "you are what you eat" so it makes sense that the healthier, the more nutritious the food is that you eat, the healthier you will be. Nigel shows us Troforte, which is a world-first Australian breakthrough in plant nutrition technology and is proudly made right here in WA.

  • Troforte is the result of over 15 years of research and contains a suite of up to 24 strains of carefully selected Australian cultured beneficial soil microbes that play a vital role in improving and then maintaining soil health, which is absolutely vital to grow healthy fruit and veggies!
  • Troforte also contains up to 60 natural minerals that are broken down in the soil by microbes and thus made available for fruit and veggies to take up. This will ensure that anything grown using Troforte will be packed full of nutrients! After all, we are what we eat!
  • Troforte contains controlled release or slow release fertiliser, which will release nutrients over the specified period of time as plants require it. Nutrients are released to plants by a combination of reverse osmotic pressure and thorough microbial action.
  • Troforte is completely environment friendly and river and reef safe and is the mist responsible and effective way to grow healthy, nutrient rich edible crops.
  • Troforte contains probiotic microbes that repair and reinvigorate soils and over time will reduce or eliminate the need to use chemical pesticides and herbicides. The beneficial microbes in Troforte also help fight many soil borne diseases naturally.

P: (08) 9302 1633