Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 8

Episode: 8
Title: Seasol Step 8
Broadcast: May 6 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

As temperatures cool down, late autumn is a good time to prepare for winter.
Winter frost can damage plants, but applying Seasol regularly can help your plants cope with winter frost.

  • Increases tolerance to environmental stress such as heat, drought and frost. It also helps plants to reduce damage from insect and fungal attack.
  • Certified organic seaweed plant tonic suitable for all plants including natives.
  • Promotes healthy vigorous growth for all plants.
  • Stimulates strong root growth and beneficial soil micro-organisms.
  • Enhances flowering and fruiting.
  • Improves seed germination rates and reduces transplant shock.
  • Seasol helps make your plants stronger and healthy and therefore able to cope with frost. If you haven’t applied Seasol and your plants are affected by frost, Seasol may help them to recover.

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