Landscaping with a Kanga

Episode: 10
Title: Landscaping with a Kanga
Broadcast: May 27 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

This weather is a fantastic time of the year to get out and landscape but if you’ve got a garden like Trevor’s that gets a bit boggy then you really need to do all of your earthworks in the autumn, and this tool will help you to do just that!

  • If you’ve got a small garden getting a small machine to move some dirt around is a brilliant idea, but if you’ve got a big garden it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Trev shows us a 6-series Kanga, an all Aussie-made mini-loader that’s built tough to make the job so much easier.
  • We get a glimpse into a project Trevor and his team has been working on. You’re going to have to use your imagination a little for this one but it’s going to look amazing!
  • The Kanga has a range of attachments that can make any job easy. There’s something to help professionals (and not so professionals) in every possible job.
  • If you’re into taking on a major landscape project at home you need one of these machines and the great news is if you can’t buy it, you can always hire it.
  • The Kanga plant went and modernised, introduced state-of-the-art technology and empowered its workforce to ensure that they were the best in the world and these machines are now sold worldwide as well as extensively across Australia.

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